I finished the shirt!! And I LOVE IT!

The pattern, as you may recall, is Simplicity 3964 - one of the Built by Wendy shirts. I will SO be making more of her stuff - it was (mostly) fun and the perfect mix of easy/challenging to get me back into this 'sewing' thing. Back from the one time I made some pj shorts, in seventh grade or whenever it was we took sewing class. The cheapo fabric from Walmart actually worked well with the pattern, I think - a thicker/nicer fabric would stick out a lot more all around (which defintely is not needed). I'm torn on the size a little - my practice was a 12, and I went down to a 10 for the real thing, but looking at the practice pictures, I think the bust on the bigger size actually fit a little more nicely. I still love it, though! I am super excited to sew even more things in the future :)

Linky time for more photos of shirt at flickr! Note: some of them are scary so watch out! Also you may notice what appears to be a tiny mole on my face. Further post-picture inspection revealed that to be chocolate ice cream. Hee.

Speaking of love... the knitting's actually been getting some again recently. I've just been feeling all-around a little more on top of things, and inspired to work on projects, in the last few days. I went ahead and bought some extra Felted Tweed for Salina, because I think my fear of running out (a totally legitimate one, you'd believe me if you'd seen the making of sleeve #1 which, for one thing, involved ripping out the gauge swatch for extra yarn) was keeping me from moving ahead. I also put in a little time on the old Clessidra. They will be done... someday. I think I started them in March, so if I could have it in me to finish them before say, next March, I think I'll be happy.

I also started Neaty! I actually think I like it, despite the chartreusey-ness of my yarn choice (click for the pic, but the internet does not adequately capture just HOW scary bright yellow-green it is). It's basically a cardigan with a big wide contrast bottom border, collar, and buttonband, and as I'm knitting it up, I really am getting the feeling that the darker green contrast border will have the power to make the whole thing work. Plus I need out of my grey/navy blue rut! Now if I could just finish one whole sweater before the winter descends... it'd be lovely to be warm, it would.

Lastly, I kind of just bought craploads of yarn/patterns (I blame the internet, and anyway it was payday, so it's all okay!) so be expecting many happy knitting updates to come.

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