not knitting, but...

I am making this shirt! The one you see in the picture's my
practice version - both to figure out the sizing, and to deal with the fact that I haven't sewn since, oh, seventh grade. I'm amazed! It's going along really well, and the screwups I've made are all stuff that'll be way easy to fix when I do the real thing. I'm making my final version one size smaller in dark/light purple (dark on the yoke/diamond part, light on the bottom) and I just finished cutting out the pieces tonight! Let the sewing-up commence! The pattern I'm using is Simplicity 3964 (it's in the middle of that page) and uh, yeah it's awesome. Also, my back hurts. I will be watching the upcoming season of Project Runway with a newfound respect for how much work this is! I mean, I've only made one measly practice shirt and I'm a little wiped out.

There is some knitting occurring too, not to worry. It's just that I'm a little afraid I won't have enough yarn for my 2nd Salina sleeve. I finished the first sleeve using an entire skein, plus my unraveled gauge swatch, plus a little extra of the felted tweed. And all I have left is one last whole skein, plus a little extra. So it all depends on how much that 'little extra' is. And then seaming? Yipes. I'm pretty sure Rowan's yarn estimates were off, cause I'm making the small and it lists six skeins as the needed amount for the extra-small, small, AND the medium. I'm way on gauge and I know I'd've run out long ago if I were making the medium.

Yargh. So that explains a little of why I've turned to sewing the last few days. Also, sewing is awesome and also, it was making me a little sad to have spent all that money on a sewing machine that wasn't getting any use. Well use it will get! I don't care if I have to neglect all my schoolwork to do it!



I don't really have new content. I was sick all last week, school's kicking my ass, my progress on Salina sleeve #1 is kinda non-existent (and will I have enough yarn?!?), but I kinda had to post these. If only so that later I will see this and remember to make them.


And do I have a whole stash of corks lying around just waiting for me to draw little eyes and noses all over them and put tiny hats and sweaters on them and bring them to my office to keep on my desk because my officemates/students don't think I'm quite odd enough yet? OH YES I DO.


yay! kinda

My camera got here! But... I was not here, so it did not stay - it got back on the FedEx truck and so I don't actually have it. I signed the little slip and stuck it back on the door, so let's all cross our fingers for tomorrow.

I started on the lapel section of Salina this afternoon - I am so close to being done with the entire front and back sections! I also got the yarn I ordered for Neaty (see two posts down...) and it's kinda chartreuse-y. I plan on making it work, because I'm pretty sure that's what Tim Gunn would tell me to do. In the same order I also got a copy of Knitting From The Top. I am way excited, I've had an urge for a while now to get in on the designing-side of sweaters, and from what I hear/see related to this book, it'll be a fantastic start.

Also I am down to being 9578th on the ravelry list. Less than ten thousand away! Yay! Kinda!



Yippee!! I just got the email that they are fixing my camera... should be done in about a week! Pictures pictures pictures to come. There will be lots as I am knitting approximately 4438422 different things at the moment.

That's really all - knitting news is that I'm still working on all the things I was working on before, and waiting for some other things to arrive in the mail, which is pretty much the usual.

So to sum up: yay! and ...yup.