yay! kinda

My camera got here! But... I was not here, so it did not stay - it got back on the FedEx truck and so I don't actually have it. I signed the little slip and stuck it back on the door, so let's all cross our fingers for tomorrow.

I started on the lapel section of Salina this afternoon - I am so close to being done with the entire front and back sections! I also got the yarn I ordered for Neaty (see two posts down...) and it's kinda chartreuse-y. I plan on making it work, because I'm pretty sure that's what Tim Gunn would tell me to do. In the same order I also got a copy of Knitting From The Top. I am way excited, I've had an urge for a while now to get in on the designing-side of sweaters, and from what I hear/see related to this book, it'll be a fantastic start.

Also I am down to being 9578th on the ravelry list. Less than ten thousand away! Yay! Kinda!

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