rav l reeee

I got into Ravelry (about two weeks ago) and have FINALLY gotten around to putting some actual content on my profile. Right now it's got pictures of Clessidra, Lily, Neaty, Juliet, Salina, and the Easy Flame Lace Scarf (*hearts the malabrigo laceweight*). I think my favorite part of Ravelry is looking at all the things I want to make, but on actual people rather than models! Before I was on it, I had to be content with one or two google links to someone's blog (which I'm not discounting!) every time I was curious about a new project, but now... NOW! I look up 'Salina' and right there: 113 projects. Amazing.

I even actually knit some today (look above if you don't believe me)! Neaty is coming along sooo fast - a great counterpoint to the slow-itude of the Salina.

Finally I leave you with this: my camera attempting to look up my skirt (and the lone finished Clessidra!). This is what I get for having the 10-second timer as my only photoshoot buddy...

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