I was all psyched cause I finally found my camera (what with the moving and all, it got slightly forgotten about). And so, yay! Pictures of what I'm making!!

But then here is its sad attempt at a 'photograph':

Or maybe not so much so much 'sad' as 'belongs in a haunted house'...
If you look closely you may be able to make out the Juliet-half-on-the-needles I was attempting to model. But I'm guessing no.

So the pictures of the actual objects will not soon be forthcoming :'(

However, here are some other pictures, of what these actual objects will someday look like, just in different colors and all crazy-professional and junk. So yay! Kind of, but less yay! than if they were my own.

"Lily" from the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Collection

I'm using Cashmerino Aran (yippee for softy-ness!)
in Cranberry color (013).

So far I've finished like 1.5 inches of the back... it's going verrry slowly.

"Salina" from Rowan Vintage Style

in Felted Tweed - color watery

Extra special bonus note: Felted Tweed is awesome. It knits up all super-even and into the studiest fabric. And it's preeeetty... my color is a kind of muted teal, with little white and gold and black and grey and purple bits thrown in, and is nowhere near as gaudy as that list of colors suggests.

Lastly, I recently found craftster. Where was this website all my life? It's so awesome to have all those pictures, discussions, pattern advice, and so on grouped in one place, and I'm pretty damn amazed at everyone's mad skills and even madder creativity.

Yay for inspiration!

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