My camera is gone, well, for right now. I hope to know in a few days whether or not the fixin'll be free. That would be soooo lovely, what with the being a grad student and all.

I finished the back of Salina today! For some reason the neck shaping confused me, but I think I got it all worked out. Did I mention yet how superawesome Felted Tweed is? Because it is. I need to find more felted-tweed-using-patterns, now!

I also bought some yarn for Neaty from Rowan 42. The Rowan Cocoon called for looks soooo nice and soft and all that, but I'm not feeling quite up to spending the hundred-odd bucks that'd take right now. I found Laines du Nord Softlights on elann.com though, which looks to be a good substitute... and the order, with some extra for longer sleeves (because I apparently have freaky long arms and ew, unintentional shorty sleeves!) hit somewhere around $30. That I can do. I looked up the Softlights on google as well, just to check out that it was a decent yarn, and found this. WHICH IS SO CUTE. And she comments specifically on its soft-and-snuggliness, which is what I'm all about for this sweater.

I made a really snazzy MSpaint picture to figure out the colors, too. Because I like to utilize the miracle of technology. Technology that is as old as me.

These are the two greens I ordered - my dilemma was which one for main color. Based on these extremely lifelike models of the hypothetical sweater, I came out liking the one using the light green as the main color, and darker green as the collar/cuffs. The Rowan pattern does it in a similar way with tan and brown, and I think it just has a really cool look. What do you think?

Yippee! Now back to grading (in the world of what-should-I-be-doing) and watching Buffy (in the world of yay!). I'm mid-season-six right now and whoa. Lots to process. Also I cry a lot (in a good way!) when I watch Buffy by myself. I have lots of feelings, what can I say.

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